F.I.T. Group Training

F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training) is a 1 hour, heart-pounding, fat-burning, muscle-building workout. Rather than isolating muscles our FIT Group Trainings focus on total body movements. In less than 1 hour, you will emphasize strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility in a fun and high energy Group Training Session. You will increase lean body mass while losing body fat, improve muscle strength, power, and endurance. Exercises are done with body weight, battle ropes, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, stability balls, and medicine balls, etc… All of the exercises can be modified to accommodate beginners or to challenge the most elite athletes.  These sessions get it done!

  • Friendly environment
  • High energy
  • 500-1000 calories burned Guaranteed!


Kombat KORE

KOMBAT KORE is the ultimate group training experience. It is a combination of our F.I.T. Training with all forms of martial arts. This form of training is open to individuals just starting out and those wanting to become Pros. Conditioning, Endurance and Speed all wrapped up in 30 minutes of heart pounding fun! We encompass everything into this form of training. There is nothing else like this out there anywhere! All movements with the equipment are done to replicate fighting moves and techniques. Are you ready to “unleash your inner athlete” in this ULTIMATE TRAINING EXPERIENCE!


Individual Personal Training

One trainer. One client. One goal.

Our trainers will design a training plan, specifically geared toward the goals and needs of the client. The client and trainer will discuss goals, training preferences, specific physical needs and concerns, and time tables for reaching goals. This training represents the best in one-one-one fitness coaching. Whether the goal is general fitness, developing a “beach body”, or optimizing sports performance…


Semi-Private Training

These training sessions represent all the offerings of a personal training session, minus the individual aspect. Sessions are led by a single trainer and are shared between 2 and 5 individuals. Training can be divergent, regarding exercises and programming to address diverse goals between clients. These sessions are great for friends who want to work out together and may, or may not, have similar goals and needs. This training is essential to create a foundation for those who wish to join the group F.I.T. classes.

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