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About KORE

Kinesiology Optimizing Resistance Exercise

KORE Training Systems is not a “fitness center”. We are the first and ONLY functional fitness/sport performance training studio in the Triad. The KORE facility is a private training studio dedicated to the physical goals of each client. We use a hybrid of traditional and functional training methods, resulting in the enhancement of both performance  and aesthetic qualities.

At KORE, we offer an exciting, challenging, and highly effective method of working out. We teach clients how to exercise, get extremely fit, and lose weight. Our personal training sessions are actually learning sessions for the client. You will learn to use your bodyweight, bands, kettle bells, medicine and stability balls, dumbbells, ropes, rocks, and more! Our clients quickly recognize that the procedures and protocols here are much different than the fitness center across town.

Weight loss, fitness, and athletic development programs have advocated high volume, high repetition, low-intensity workouts for years. From a scientific perspective, this makes no sense.KORE’s approach is to create high intensity protocols to prevent over training, decrease injury rate, and produce maximum biological adaptation and improvement by doing short, intensive, and specialized protocols.

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Our Trainers

Jay Gangwani

BS in Exercise Science with a major in Kinesiology, BA in Architecture, Master Trainer, PT, ART, and AKC Certified

Jay has been strength training for over 33 years and has been working with athletes on their strength speed, and athletic performance for over 22 years. He is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Fitness Business Alliance, Business Network International, a registered Black Belt in TKDO and a Mixed Martial Artist. Jay has worked with athletes of all levels; from Professional Athletes to seven-year-olds. Jay feels that age is not a limitation on an individual’s abilities to perform. The individual is only limited by the training knowledge they have. Jay is a published author and has experience working with athletes in several sports, including but not limited to: football, baseball, soccer, basketball, triathlons, gymnastics, swimming, track and field, lacrosse, volleyball, wrestling, and more. Jay works with colleges on an individual basis, including the University of Tampa, Georgia Tech, NC State, and several others. He is also the owner of K.O.R.E. Training Systems, a functional fitness training studio, located in Winston Salem, NC. Jay’s approach to training is unique in the fact that it encompasses all aspects of the athlete and covers the following seven aspects: assessment to form specific mobility and muscular balance plans, goal setting, proper performance mindset, nutritional education, all aspects of speed and jumping (lateral, linear, vertical, reaction, maximal, etc), sports-specific training that tailors the program to the specific sport of the athlete, and continued motivation through assessment and evaluations.

Dr. Jennifer Hunter 


Hirudaya Holistic life center- massage

California Polytechnic – BS Animal Science 

Southern California University of Health Sciences -Doctorate of Chiropractic

Options for Animals- Animal chiropractic 

International veterinary chiropractic certification- 1696

Taught Soft tissue modalities and extremity adjusting at SCUHS. Offers many diversified adjusting options from traditional osteopathic procedures to low force techniques such as activator, sacral occipital blocking and drop table. 

Has lots of crazy hobbies that all include farming or getting messy.

Robert "Bobby" Barko


Bobby has been training professionally for over 33 years and has a great knowledge of what clients require to meet their goals. He has two degrees one in Health Science the other in Physical Education and is a member of the National Fitness Alliance. For the last 16 years, Bobby has worked with Master Trainer Jay Gangwani. Presently he is employed as a Chemist with the city of Winston Salem and has been working for KORE Training Systems for the last 6 years. He has competed in numerous Body Building competitions. His specialty is Power Lifting and teaching individuals how to gain muscle mass without overtraining. He is excellent at paying attention to the details when it comes to corrective movement when training clients.